How to order as a holiday guest at

You spend your vacation in a house that gives you the opportunity to order goods ONLINE.
So you can order comfortably during your stay bread rolls and much more - the supplier will then bring the goods to your accommodation.
The billing will then be done by the host directly on site at the property. - alles Gute aus Tirol

1. Log in to the order process on

You will receive an email from your host with a link.

Click on the Link in the confirmation Mail or alternatively:
click on the Link of your Holiday-Host and insert the access Key, which your Holiday-Host created when entering the Guest Data for your Holiday Stay.

Access Key

2. Place a new order

After logging in you will immediately be able to order.

* You can first see your travel dates on the left - you can order during this period.
* You then choose when the delivery should come.
* You can then sort and search for products. Please pay attention to the order deadline and the delivery date for the products!
* Then put the goods in the shopping cart.

New Order

3. Check shopping cart an submit order

To complete your order, check the shopping cart again.

Here you will find your selected products summarized again and can then click on ORDER FOR A CHARGE below.
This will then deliver the goods to your accommodation.

The billing is then carried out by the host directly on site at the accommodation.

Shopping Cart